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Flasking Process

Wax Up for a Metal Framework

Metal Framework

All Metal

PMMA Guided Surgery - Before and After

PMMA After Characterization


Upper and Lower Hybrid Denture

"O" Ring Attachment Overdenture

Hybrid Denture Completed

Welcome to Unique Denture

We provide an accurate denture service with precision and high quality materials for the perfect fit to cover individual needs in dental patients. We also provide the dentist the support they need in complicated implant cases for the success of the case and complete patient satisfaction.

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Dental Implants

Unique Denture Has The Best






• Access to the highest quality material for the best in aesthetic.

• Full service chair side support for overdentures and hybrid dentures.

• Excellent knowledge of all dental implants in the market.

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Our Dentures

Full Denture

Vitallium Frame Pink Opaque

Hybrid Denture

We are a Removable Dental Laboratory that Specializes in Hybrids and Implants

We work with all kinds of implants in the dental market to help you get exactly what you need.


High Quality


High Aesthetic


Minimal Adjustment

Unique Denture Cares

We are a small business, we are in direct communication with our doctors during business hours where they can contact us to solve chair side problems if needed. At Unique Dentures we are always improving our materials and techniques to solve different situations. For patients that have allergic reactions to traditional materials, different alternatives to traditional processing cases, chair side assistance if needed, in office conversion and different removable procedures.


Frequently Asked Questions

Satisfy patient, satisfy doctors

I don't have any retention

We will address if it is a problem with the impressions or with the design of the case.

What does the doctor need?

We provide the doctor information specific about dental implant companies, brand and trainings to complete successfully cases for the patient

What's the best option for me?

The doctor will determine what option is best for the patient by evaluating the cost effective precautions and long term durability.

Why would I need a chair side case?

To provide rapid and direct response for the case and also the opportunity to respond immediately during the patients visit.

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